Sunday 29 March 2009

Sunday Salon

I am beginning to realise that my organisational skills need some tender reworking. I had such great plans for this year and I already fill my best laid plans are falling by the wayside. I don't think blogging and reading blogs helps my case at all here as they do take up a lot of time, but I feel they are two things I am not willing to sacrifice in order to do other things. Can anyone suggest any good organisational skills books that might help my life run smoothly?

Still I should be positive that only a quarter of the year has gone and there are still three other quarters to fill.

Our clocks went forward this morning, so I am suffering from an hour less sleep. I am not sure if reading will be much on the agenda today, but fingers crossed.

This week I finished reading The Marriage Bureau for Rich People, by Farahad Zama, which I loved and which is reviewed here. I also finished Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris, which I will review tomorrow. I also read The Tygrine Cat,which I hope to review on Wednesday; this is the first book I have finished for the Once Upon a Time challenge.

I am a third way through Dead Witch Walking, by Kim Harrison, which I am enjoying. I have also read a couple of chapters of Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden for my 1% read and hope to me some leeway with this.

This week I hope to read the following books too.

Fearless by Tim Lott, listed as a chilling and compelling fable of the future.

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton, a vampire hunter book.

What are you reading this week?


  1. I WISH I had organizational skills to share. LOL. Just do the best you can. I've learned with a full time job there is no way I can read and blog like so many others. I don't know how those with kids do it at all. You'll put your real priorities first and have fun with the rest when you can. Have a great week!

  2. I've just finished Kathleen Tessaro's The Flirt and I loved it! I think I'll get her other books namely Innocence and Elegance.

    Have a great week ahead!

  3. I don't have any organizational skills to share but I have been thinking about them more. I'm trying to stay on the computer for a certain number of hours each day and that's it. Good luck and tell us if you find some good skills!


  4. I'm not very good at organizational skills either. You did get many good reads in this week! Hope this is a great week for you.

  5. i love reorganizing--it's such fun!!! i also love throwing things away, much to my husband (the packrat's) dismay. i label everything--scissors (kitchen, sewing, etc), and have lots of shelves and storage containers which helps when trying to organize.

    as for books i've got my nose in? 'pretty in plaid' by jen lancaster and 'perfect fifths' by megan mccafferty.

  6. BTW, I love your blog! I've given you an award. Stop by and pick it up!

  7. Im not a great organizer tho i must say im gettin better since being at uni and juggling that 3 children a job and a hobby haha
    Im reading more than meets the eye (for uni lol)

  8. I'm completely at a loss when it comes to organizational skills. I need a professional to help me! I'm so bad at it I usually jus end up rearraning my piles of stuff! lol

    I read The Help last week and loved it! This week I'm reading The Heretic's Daughter.

  9. I'm not great with organisation as well. I try to be but it's usually just in short spurts as my enthusiasm runs out. I do rely quite a lot on to-do lists though. Tomorrow on my blog I'll be revealing my big plan for April. I'm excited about it.

    Speaking of bad organisation, I hardly ever plan what I'm reading in advance. That's part of the reason I don't join many challenges (I've only joined the 1% well-read challenge because it's already one of my own personal reading goals)I don't like feeling pressured to read something in particular. Even library books, I'll always pick out more books than I know I can read just to have some variety.

  10. Thanks for popping by earlier today. :) In terms of organization, I can't help you. Bookfool recently posted about a book with a premise of tossing 50 things. I immediately went into panic mode as I'm a big packrat. And like you, I'd rather spend my time reading and blogging than organizing. Ah well.

    Hope you catch up on that lost hour soon.

  11. We set our clocks forward too, and I dearly missed that extra hour of sleep :( I hate this time change.

    I'm hoping to read The Tygraine Cat next week! Looking forward to your thoughts.

    As for time management skills, how I wish I had them!

  12. Uggggggggggh, I wish I could help with organizational skills but alas---no I can not. I'm so disorganized. I'd love to find a happy medium between blogging, working, family and reading. Hope you have a great week!

  13. enjoy your reading and organizing! sorry, i'm very disorganized


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