Saturday 9 May 2009

Saturday Scrapbooking

It is Saturday again and my doesn't the weekend roll around fast. I have not really made any scrap pages this week, but I did go to my scrap club on Saturday and made four pages, so I thought I would show them.
This is the first double LO I have made in ages, as I tend to like to just make single LOs these days, but I was determined to change that this weekend. The pictures are from my aunties 80th birthday earlier this year, when the whole family trundled over to Cambridge to celebrate with her. My family on my dad's side is quite big, as dad comes from a family of six, so there are lots of cousins and even more second cousins. It was a beautiful warm day and everyone had a great time catching up.
I absolutely love these 3D butterflies from K&Co and nearly used them all up.
This LO is not really finished as I haven't put any journalling in yet, but until I speak to my mum I really don't know what to put. It is another page for my aunt's album and I know that she loved to dance and went regularly to a weekly dance, but that's all I know, so I need more details.
This last LO is also for my aunt's album. It is a picture of my uncle when he was a little boy.

Don't you just love these old traditional photos which were always so posed. My uncle's father was a coal miner, just as my uncle was. Following in a family tradition on the Welsh side of my family. My late grandfather was also a coal miner too, but suffered badly with his lungs when he moved to London when my mother was young. When I look at pictures like this, it makes me want to start delving into my family history and perhaps make an album about my ancestors.
Has anyone made an album like that?
That's my creative side shown for the week? What creative things have you done this week?


  1. I do love the old traditional photos! Our wedding photographer actually did one of us like that, it's pretty cute and I have one framed in the house. I ended up not really having room for it in the scrapbook... Yes, I have actually done FIVE more pages in our wedding scrapbook and just have four more to go! I hope to finish it this weekend :-D

  2. This link should take you to the picture I was telling you about above...

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love the 3-D butterfly, too.

  4. I really love the traditional photos too. It would be really intersting to delve into the past and dig up all that you could on your family, wouldn't it. That 3-D butterfly is beautiful. I just love butterflies.

  5. I'd love to see the pic you mentioned if you can find it! :-)

    Guess what... finished the scrapbook just a few minutes ago!! Woohoo! Well, there are some spots I feel could use some sticker love, but I've exhausted just about every wedding sticker/pink & green themed sticker out there... Suppose that's one of those things I could pick up and add later on...

  6. Hey Viv, I love traditional photos too! I know I enjoy looking through my mom's old album and when I see her in her younger days, they're just so so beautiful. I alsa saw photos of my wee self when I was a toddler and it makes me laugh. :D

    Love that beautiful pink butterfly!

  7. I love old photos, they are so charming. Great scrapbooking as always :)
    Lovely butterfly. An album about your ancestors would be a great idea.

    i've actually gotten back to my crocheting and have been working on a shrug for the past few weeks, which is almost like a sweater but not quite.


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