Friday 5 June 2009

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is hosted by MizB at You Should Be Reading and you can find it here.

I have seen four books that I would really like this week and one of them I just had to buy straight away.

Haunting Bombay - is a literary ghost story set in 1960’s India that tells the tale of three generations of the wealthy Mittal family who have buried a tragic history and the ghosts of the past who rise up to haunt them.

Can't remember which blog I saw this on this week, so if you talked about this book this week, let me know and I will add a link to your site.

The Reincarnationist by M. J Rose - found this one on Bloduedds site which is here.

The blurb from the site about the books is....

Photojournalist Josh Ryder survives a terrorist's bomb, only to be haunted by near hallucinatory memories of a past life in Rome as a pagan priest whose dangerous congress with Sabina, one of the Vestal Virgins, poses a transgression so serious the lovers will face a certain death if exposed. Scents of jasmine and sandalwood and images of furtive liaisons and violence descend on Josh at will, pulling him to an ancient yet strangely familiar Roman burial chamber harboring the remains of a woman clutching a wooden box.

I love the idea of this book. Reincarnation is a subject that has always fascinated me.

Voodoo Season by Jewell Parker Rhodes - I found this on Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of which is here.

This is the one I just had to buy as the library had never heard of it and I really wanted to read it for my Southern Reading Challenge.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book.

Voodoo Season revisits the mystical landscape of New Orleans - and it's most famous Voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. This is the second book in the series but I get the impression in can be read alone as it is about her great great granddaughter, who is compelled by unseen forces to leave her medical career in Chicago behind and return to her roots. But once she arrives in New Orleans, Marie is both seduced and horrified by this mysterious landscape whose slave-holding past merges with the spoils of the twenty first century.

Sharp North by Patrick Cave.

I found this one listed in the back of Valiant by Holly Black and I was instantly attracted to it.

Here is the synopsis of the book.

Mira lives quietly in a remote community in Scotland - until one day she witnesses a stranger running for her life through the forest. Shot and killed in front of her, the woman's body is quickly removed, the only clue to her death a crumpled piece of paper, and a spot of blood in the snow. Mira discovers the paper contains a list of names, including her own, with another name she recognizes and the word 'watcher' alongside it. Shocked, Mira suddenly begins to view her community with suspicion - and what she discovers throws her whole world into confusion...

So these are the four fabulous books I am looking forward to getting my hands on in the not too distant future. They all seem to have a spooky supernatural theme to them this week. What books are you pining for this week?


  1. I've been wanting Voodoo Season since reading Chris's review, sounds soooo good. And wow, Sharp North sounds I must add it to my wish list!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Yow, you really found some good ones. Sharp North already raised the hair on the back of my neck just reading your synopsis. I've always been fascinated with reincarnation also. I've definitely put the Reincarnationist on my wish list. Have a great week and happy reading!

  3. Sharp North calls out to me! The Reincarnationsist along with The Memorist are wainting for me to pick them up!

    Finder's delight

  4. Spooky!

    Oh my god, I feel so bad! No, you didn't miss out on your blog, I've just forgotten to send it out! This week, promise. (Sorry!)

  5. Erm, meant to say you didn't miss out on your BOOK, not blog!

  6. Haunting Bombay looks really good. Another book in the ever growing TBR list. :)

    ~ Popin

  7. Oh what a great mix - Haunting Bombay sounds especially intriguing to me!

  8. Haunting Bombay sounds particularly intriguing to me! (Oh I just realized that I'm repeating what the last commenter said! I swear I hadn't read her comment until just now!)

  9. Great list and definitely the best covers I've seen today. Here's my list

  10. Great picks Viv. You have me wanting to go and order up Haunting Bombay too. It sounds so good. I'm going to go take a peek for it right away. lol.

  11. Haunting Bombay sounds good, Viv! I am contemplating to participate in this meme. :)

  12. Haunting Bombay and Sharp North sound excellent! And Chris made me want Voodoo Season as well.

  13. Oooh some great finds here! I have to put a few of these books on my wish list.

    Here's my Friday Finds

  14. All your finds interested me too, I'm adding to my wishlist!

  15. great finds! I enjoy books with a supernatural theme to them. Haunting Bombay sounds excellent.

  16. Gorgeous covers. The Reincarnationist is already on my need-to-read-someday list. I'm pining for Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine!

  17. I have the others on my TBR list but now I am adding Haunting Bombay! You found some great books!


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