Saturday 20 February 2010

Good Stuff!

Time to catch up on my good stuff for the last couple of weeks.

1) My lovely brand new felt brooch made by my friend Anne.
Anne has recently set up an Etsy shop and is selling lots of lovely handmade goodies. Anne is one of the most creative people I know and I so pleased that she has finally taken the plunge to open her own Etsy store. If you click on Etsy Store it will take you right to her little shop.
2) Valentine's Day. We had a nice relaxing day at home, as I cannot stand how restaurants become like cattle markets on speical occassion days, by rushing you in and out. So hubby decided to make dinner for the girls and me. We had a lovely roast, followed by cheesecake. It was delicious. Hubby also gave me a couple of presents for Valentines Day. He gave me some book vouchers which I have already spent;I will show you what I bought on Monday. He also surprised me with tickets to see the Most Haunted team at our local theatre. He knows how much I love the show and I had mentioned to him the possibility of us going, and he went and bought tickets. I can't wait.
3) Half term. The girls have been off school all week and we really have had a go slow week, which has been lovely. The girls are getting to that age, where they would rather have friends around than go out places, which is fine by me. They had their first sleepover this week and no one got to sleep before 2am! I made them let me read all the next day, to compensate for running around after them the night before. Luckily, they were really tired all day any way.
4) Warmer weather. I can feel it getting warmer outside and this has been the first week I have gone out without my gloves and scarf. The evenings are getting lighter too, which is always a plus.
5) Spending time with my baby cousin. Suzanne came to visit my family today and I always refer to her as my baby cousin, even though she is in her late twenties now. I spent a lot of time with her when she was little and I suppose a name just sticks. I hope to see a lot more of her soon.
So there are my good things this week. How about you? What made you smile this week?


  1. You're so sweet :0)

    Good stuff this week? Blue skies, on at least three different days, for the first time in what seems like MONTHS. Spring is definately on the way!

  2. ..going out without gloves! Oh I wish *sighs* I wish

  3. I love the way those names stick! My kids still call my parents "grandma-in-texas" and "grandpa-in-texas" from when we lived in Wisconsin. That was 5 years ago! :D

  4. I'm with you on restaurants and special occasions. I tell my husband he can take me out to celebrate, but not on the actual day so we don't have to fight the crowds.

  5. Cattle market - ha, that's the appropriate description. We tend to go 3-4 days before or after when it's not so hectic. The worst day to go to a restaurant is Mother's Day. Not sure you have that in the Uk but here it is ridiculous to even think about going out for dinner.
    2 A.M. That's early for kids to go to sleep on a sleepover. Wait until they get older, you'll be lucky if it's as early as 4 A.M.
    Have a good week.

  6. I love Etsy. I just added your friend's store to my favorites. Have a great weekend.

  7. ah - the days of all-girl sleepovers - what an oxymoron! There is a reason why parenthood is for the young; I could never handle one of those events these days :)

    so glad you have had a nice relaxing week!

  8. Great good stuff!

    I'll visit her Etsy shop. The brooch is darling.

  9. Good stuff starts with one of those cupcakes on a Saturday afternoon. Yum!

    Bill ;-)

    Hope you'll check out my book giveaway:

  10. Being surprised with a Chinese takeaway tonight, Having a doze and being awoken by a kiss from Ruby :) Hot cross buns, flowers in the yard coming out in bloom and I have to agree with Anne, blue skies. Hastings was a treat today in the lovely weather!

  11. Your Valentine's Day sounds so wonderful! I'm glad you had such a lovely time :)

    And aww, sleepovers...kind of makes me miss being that age :P

  12. I went to visit Anne's shop. Nice things there.
    Your Valentine's Day was so sweet. You are right about getting the bums-rush in the restaurants. Hate that!

    Like you I am loving the longer daylight. :)

  13. Your friend has a great shop!
    sounds like you had a nice Valentines Day :)

  14. What a fun week, Viv! That's a lovely brooch. I'll head over to your Mailbox Monday post to see what you've bought with the vouchers! :D


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