Wednesday 14 April 2010

Wuthering Wednesday

Firstly thank you to everyone who sent me warm wishes either through here or on Facebook for my birthday. Unfortunately it wasn't the best day as I felt quite poorly most of the day and didn't have the energy to do much, but I got lots of lovely cash to spend when I feel better. My girlies also bought me some lovely bits, including a lovely bookmark and person saying to the best mum, they are really cute and they chose them themselves.

This is week 2 of Softdrinks's Wuthering Heights read a long which you will find here. This week we needed to read three more chapters starting at Chapter 4.
Chapter 4 begins with a rather shaken up Lockwood who decides to quiz Mrs Dean the housekeeper about the life and times of his landlord. The story then progresses from her point of view and I have to say I much prefer her voice to Lockwood's. Mrs Dean is only too eager to pass on her knowledge of Heathcliff's past. I was completely surprised to discover that Heathcliff was an orphan who was taken in by the Earnshaw family. I was still a little confused over the identity of the family members during this chapter as the names Linton and Earnshaw kept cropping up and swapping over.
The young Hindley sounds like a nasty piece of work, but that is probably due to his jealousy over the affection his father bestows on the newcomer, affection his father has never shown either himself or his sister Cathy. Cathy shows a strong allegiance with Heathcliff from the beginning, which only seems to grow over the next couple of chapters.
Chapter 5 brings the sudden illness of the older Mr Earnshaw, who unable to cope sends Hindley away to school. Mr Earnshaw struggles to cope with Cathy too, who is constantly causing trouble and being very naughty. The end of the chapter brings the demise of Mr Earnshaw. High winds surround the house almost like a calling for his soul to be carried to heaven. His death brings Catherine and Heathcliff closer together.
Chapter 6 sees the return of young Hindley after a couple of years absence and with him he brings his new wife, a wife whose appearance is a shock to the rest of the residents in the house. Hindley's return comes hand in hand with his hate of Heathcliff and he banishes him to live with the servants. This chapters sees the bond between Catherine and Heathcliff strengthen. Although after an incident where Catherine is badly bitten by a neighbour's dog, I get the impression that the relationship between them may change.
I have to say I have really enjoyed the change of voice for these chapters. The writing is easier to read and flows much more smoothly. I had always imagined Catherine as an innocent young girl, yet she appears to be a bit of a madam who is really intent on hurting her father during his illness. I get a strong feeling of a very close bond between Catherine and Heathcliff, almost like brother and sister, yet close friends too. It is almost them against the rest of the world.
I can't wait to read what happens next and I am really pleased that my knowledge of this book is limited and that I have no idea what might happen next.


  1. I'm so sorry you felt so poorly on your birthday, Vivienne :( I hope you're feeling better now. And I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Wuthering Heights! Perhaps you'll inspired me to try it again.

    PS: I think I figured out where the confusion regarding the first Fables book comes from. There's another book, 1001 Nights of Snowfall, which is a prequel. Chronologically the events that place before the beginning of the Fables series, but it was released more recently, and you don't have to begin there. It's probably more enjoyable if you read it later on, once you already know the characters.

  2. I must have missed it when you mentioned the fact about your birthday. Sorry, I would have wanted to congratulate you, but better too late than never, right? So here it is: Happy Birthday and may all your dreams and wishes come true. I wish you only happiness, success, joy and love and health!

    I am sorry that you felt poorly on such a special day, but I hope that the next one will be better:) Take care and as always, Happy Reading to you!

  3. I too am sorry to read you were poorly on your birthday.

    I haven't read Wuthering Heights but have seen many adaptations on tv so know the story and of course adore the Kate Bush song :P I must make time to read the actual book.

  4. So sorry to read you weren't well and on your birthday - still you have a good days shopping to look forward to and some lovely gifts from the girls.

    I've been trying to find you on FB but to no avail. If you would like to contact me via this, you can click on the FB button on the sidebar on my blog and hopefullly we can also become FB friends.

  5. Nymeth - you must read it. It is just so Victorian Gothic. I am totally lost with the Fables series now, but very pleased to hear I have the right one.

    Andreea - thankyou. I feel better today, but feeling a little low. I think I have the birthday blues.

    Carmen - I have never seen Wuthering Heights on tv,so I haven't really much insight into the story.

    Petty Witter - I shall try and find you on Facebook.

  6. I'm sorry you weren't feeling all that great on your bday. You'll have to take a special day to make up for it :)

    I like the photo that you included in your post. I can picture Wuthering Heights in my mind and it seems like a dark and gloomy place. Much like the black and white photo...sort of eerie.

  7. Belated birthday wishes! Hope you're feeling better now.
    The change in narrative voice was the highlight this week for me, too - a very pleasant surprise! Love the illustration you posted.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Viv! Sorry you felt poorly on your birthday - hope you're a lot better now.

    I'm behind in reading right now but I'll catch up tonight and put up my post tomorrow. I'm on Chapter 5 and I am really enjoying it. By the sounds of it I'll enjoy it even more in chapter 6.

  9. I'm sorry to hear you were under the weather on your b-day, hopefully you can make it up on a later date.

    I love Wuthering Heights, such a great Gothic novel. I like this novel much more once Mrs. Dean picks it up, maybe it has something to do with being an eye witness. I hope you enjoy the next few chapters.

  10. First off, Happy Birthday Viv, sorry I'm late!
    And sorry to hear you werent feeling that great. Hope youre feeling better.

    Heathcliff and Catherine have a very strong bond. Glad you're enjoying it.


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