Sunday 17 July 2011

IMM (12)

In MyMailbox (IMM) is a weekly feature organised by The Story Siren. IMM is a post where you can show which books entered your house and it also gives you a chance to say thank you to the people that kindly sent them. To find out more about how you can join in click here.

I am suffering from book gluttony this week and actually feel ashamed by how many books have entered my house. I am hoping to spend the next two weeks just reading to compensate. So any offers to look after my children, clean my house, walk the dog, iron everyone's clothes, cook all meals will be greatly appreciated!

 A strange and scary parcel from HarperCollins Children's  Books revealed the fourth book in the Invisible Friends series by Barry Hutchison. 


An Immortals goody bag with book, Tshirt and bag. There were chocolates but I ate them! Kindly sent to me by PanMacmillan.

 All these books were picked up at the Indigo launch from Orion. 
Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick
Soul Beach by Kate Harrison
By Midnight by Mia James
Dark Parties by Sara Grant
White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick - I read this at the beginning of the year, here is my review.
White Cat by Holly Black - I read this book in July 2010, here is my review.
I will tell you more about the Indigo event later in the week.  

 These books were also picked up at the Random House Children's Book brunch
Tender Morsels by Margot Lanagan
Hear The Dead Cry by Charlie Price
Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore
You Against Me by Jenny Downham
Lob by Linda Newberry

Wither by Lauren DeStefano published by Harper Voyager
Blood Harvest by S.J Bolton kindly given to me by Sarah from Feeling Fictional to review.
Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney - this book has been sent via the UK Book Tours 
Vampirates by Justin Somper - won on Sarah's blog Feeling Fictional.
The Tygrine Cat on The Run by Inbali Iserles published by Walker Books. - I read Inbali's first book The Tygrine Cat when I first started blogging back in 2009, so I was really pleased when Inbali asked me if I would like to read this one too. Here is my review of The Tygrine Cat.

See I told you, book gluttony!


  1. Oooh, I've never heard of Soul Beach by Kate Harrison. What's that one about?

    Going to spend a ridiculous amount of time today on Goodreads.

    Your pile of books makes me feel better about my pile of books so I'm glad that you're shamed... ;)

    - Elle x

  2. Oh I thought my mailbox was epic. There are a few there that I am drooling over - Soul Beach, Hear the Dead Cry, Wither & Dark Parties *yummy*

  3. Wow, thats one big book load! Where on earth will you start?

    I haven't read Wither yet, and Dark Parties looks like a good one!

    Happy reading :)

  4. So many books!!!

    I am really jealous of Wither pooping up in everyone's mailbox :)

    Enjoy your books, I'm guessing this selection is going to keep you busy for a while :)

  5. Wow, Vivienne, you'll be busy for the next month with that awesome haul! Enjoy all your new goodies.

  6. Wow, an epic mailbox this week, you against me sounds fab and I can't wait to read the invisible friends book (glad to see your prescription for fear arrived safely! lol)

    Happy Reading :D

  7. Wow, awesome IMM. I just ordered Texas Gothic - seriously cannot wait to read it! :)

  8. Wow. You got a nice selection this week. A lot of variety. Can't wait to hear which of these would be suitable for a middle school reader. I need new ideas.

  9. I am majorly jealous of your books this week Viv! I really cant wait to get hold of a copy of Dark Parties... it sounds awesome! as do many of the others in your mailbox!

  10. Wow yea a ton of books this week. I feel ya I have got so many to read and I am behind. Do you ever catch up? Dark Parties, Hear the Dead Cry, and Texas Gothic look good. Not sure what those are about though.
    Awesome Evermore prize pack.
    Have a great week reading.
    Check out my IMM if you get a chance.

  11. you against me is really good. I love Random House so much. They were the nicest people when I did work experience.

    looks like you are set for books til christmas (ha ha)

  12. You got chocolate and a tshirt?! :D Awesome :D

  13. That's the kind of gluttony I like! Enjoy your new books!

  14. Wow, what a wonderful load of books and goodies! I hope you enjoy them all.

  15. Wow, you really hit the book jackpot this week didn't you? Those books are outside of the genres I normally read, but I know how excited you must be to get them! :)

  16. Wow - talk about Christmas in July :P Enjoy your new books, Vivienne :D


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