Wednesday 17 August 2011

The Passage Readalong - Co hosting with The Book Memoirs

I wonder if any of you noticed the lovely banner in my sidebar.

Well if you didn't notice it then I will let you into the big event. Today is the day I announce The Passage Read-along which I will be co hosting with Elle and Kate over at The Book Memoirs. We will be running the posts on alternate weeks but providing both blogs with links to it. We are all committing ourselves to reading The Passage over the next few weeks and providing you with our thoughts as we go along.

Why a read-along?

Well, if you have seen the size the of the book, you will know it is a real chunkster. Nearly 1000 pages which actually freaked me out even though I was desperate to read it. After a long discussion with Elle, we came to the conclusion that breaking it down weekly might be a better option. Elle has been superb, as she made the gorgeous banner and worked out the time table - all I did was the break the book down into manageable portions.

When does it start?

The read-along officially begins today with the first summary being posted on The Book Memoirs next Wednesday. So by next Wednesday we are hoping to have read Chapters 1 to 5. Here is a full list of the dates and chapter breakdowns for the following ten weeks.

24/08/11 The Book Memoirs Ch 1 - 5 End on pg 119
31/08/11 Serendipity Reviews   Ch 6 - 11    End on pg 212
07/09/11 The Book Memoirs Ch 12 - 18 End on pg 331
14/09/11 Serendipity Reviews Ch 19 - 22 End on pg 418
21/09/11 The Book Memoirs   Ch 23 - 29 End on pg 517
28/09/11 Serendipity Reviews  Ch 30 - 41 End on pg 620
05/10/11 The Book Memoirs Ch 42 - 53 End on pg 728
12/10/11 Serendipity Reviews  Ch 54 - 60 End on pg 815
19/10/11 The Book Memoirs   Ch 61 - 69 End on pg 908
26/10/11 Serendipity Reviews  Ch 70 - END End on last page.

Who can join in?

Anyone can join in. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me you will be taking part and we will provide a link each week so you can add your views on the book. Then each week just write up a post to tell us what you thought about the book. If you do decide to take part then we would really appreciate you spreading the word.

So if you have been desperate to read The Passage which everyone is talking about but have been put off by the size, this is the read along for you!

*Also in order to celebrate this wonderful joint venture we are giving away TWO copies of this book! The lovely girlies at The Book Memoirs and myself will both purchase an extra copy to give away as an incentive to join. There will be one UK copy and one international copy to give away. I  will draw the winners out next week in my Really Random Tuesday post. So if you would like to is,then please leave you details in the entry form below.*


  1. Er, um, hmm. Is this where I leave a comment to say "I'm in!"?

  2. I'm going to try my hardest to join in. I've had this book on my reader forever now and wanted to read it.

  3. I have this on audio book rather than a real book - can I still join in!? :D

  4. awesome idea! I love the sound of this book but I am seriously put off by the size of it.. I honestly dont think Ill ever get round to it :( I am looking forward to what you, Elle and Kate think of it though!

  5. This sounds like a terrific read-a-long. I will post this great giveaway in my sidebar for UK residents. :)

  6. I really want to read this book and it sounds like a great time but I won't be able to join. You guys have a blast and looking forward to the posts!

  7. How cool! I still need to read this book. I've heard such mixed things about it. I'm curious.

  8. Thanks for your support, guys! We're so excited to get started and we really appreciate all the good vibes.

    Jules: Absolutely, you can join in on audio. You might have some problems if it's an abridged audio but if it's the full version, you'll be able to follow along with the chapters and you could even let us know what you think od the narrator! :)

    - Elle

  9. Thanks everyone for being supportive. I have also had a fabulous response on Goodreads as well. I am really looking forward to this read-along and having so many great friends to accompany us.

  10. Ugh--can't even remember the last time I picked up a book to actually read. Wish I could join as I've heard a lot of buzz about this book. have fun!!

  11. Wish I had this to read along with. x


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