Thursday 21 June 2012

Extract from The Night Sky In My Head

Today I am happy to post the third extract from The Night Sky In My Head by Sarah Hammond  published by Oxford University Press in July.
The first two extracts can be found at the following blogs:

‘It’s best with animals.’
‘What did you say, young Mikey?’ Cackler raises his
‘My gift thing. It’s best with animals, not people.’
‘Maybe,’ Cackler shrugs. ‘I’m an animal-man myself,
like you, but don’t limit yourself, Mikey. Let things run
their course.’
Bess is waiting on the other side of the hedge. She
makes humphing noises as we get closer. The calf starts

jiffl ing on Cackler’s shoulders. I do some twirls. I want to
laugh. No one has believed the Backwards before.
Cackler puts the calf on the ground. She only has to
walk a little way to the fi eld so she should be able to manage
on her own. Her legs are shaky but she’s Ok. Bess
leans over to her to get closer to her, to stop her being
‘But what if I find other things—things that I don’t
Bess starts to lick her calf.
‘You were looking for Bess’s calf and you found her.’
Cackler pulls his hat straight to shade his eyes from the
sun. ‘Do you think you were maybe looking for those other
things if you found them too?’
My heart thumps. I’ve never seen Dad’s Backwards
like that before. Was I looking for Dad? My head hurts. I
don’t know. I’m scared of him but I miss him too. I don’t
like this question.
Cackler strokes his chin, watching me carefully. ‘Sometimes
things seem bad but really they’re helping you get
better.’ He pulls his pipe out of his pocket and knocks it
against a tree to empty it. He looks up and smiles at me.
’Nature always heals, Mikey. Always. Just let it come.’ 

Isn't it good? The final extract will be posted on I Want To Read That! on the 28th June.  You will be able to buy the book on the 5th of July.
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