Thursday 6 December 2012

Irresistible Blog Tour

Today on the blog I am hosting the first stop in the Irresistible blog tour for debut author, Liz Bankes.
When I wrote Irresistible I was trying to write the story I wanted to read as a teenager – one that would contain the awkwardness, embarrassment and humour I associated with relationships (and still do). A story that would find the moments alongside all that, where something amazing happens – the possibility of really falling in love. My favourite books have always those that pick up on ridiculous behaviour but give you couples to root for and friendships to make you smile. I read Louise Rennison, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Jane Austen, Sophie Kinsella and countless other books that feature men and laughing. So I had an enjoyable education in reading before it came to writing my own story. This was also enjoyable, but ever so slightly terrifying. I was now fretting over the small details – where are the toilets in a castle? What’s a good snack to get at the zoo? Have I overused the word ‘face’, the word ‘like’, the word ‘the’? And the big things, e.g. will anyone like the characters? Mostly it was the thought of someone reading it that wasn’t me or my cat (she’s quite easily pleased and also she can’t read). In the end I realised that I just had to go with what makes me laugh, what I find attractive/repulsive/ridiculous and hope that readers would see where I was coming from. Because I don’t feel I’ve changed much since being a teenager and most of my friends, luckily, haven’t either. We still find the same things ridiculous that we used to. All that’s changed is more stuff has happened to us. I decided to write a story for us. Irresistible is the story of Mia’s summer. She gets a job at the prestigious Radleigh Castle, secretly thinking that she could save money, leave school and see the world. The castle already gives her a new group of people to meet – including Dan, who works in the kitchen, and is funny and lovely and shares Mia’s urge to travel. It would be the perfect start to a summer romance if arrogant, annoying Jamie could stop showing up everywhere. He’s the son of the Radleigh Castle family and relieves his boredom by messing with people’s lives. Mia tries to ignore Jamie and his stunning, slightly scary, girlfriend Cleo, but something about them draws her in. The most exciting thing about being a debut writer is that I might get to go and talk to people about this book and books in general. I can’t wait to find out what people think of the characters, and hear their opinions on love stories, what they find funny or appealing or annoying or awful. Conversations about stories are my favourite thing and I am thrilled that I now have one of my own to talk about.
Irresistible by Liz Bankes goes on sale  today! But only for the Kindle. So if you want the paperback version you will have to wait until April. How on earth can you wait that long??? *whispers* Go buy the ebook version!
To find out more about Liz Bankes:
Twitter: @LizBankesAuthor


  1. Ah, the embarrassment and awkwardness of the teenage years. Great stuff, interesting and informative.

  2. Liz, so proud of you. I am definitely still that awkward, clueless teenager inside!


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