Monday 17 June 2013

Champagne Tea with Jamie McGuire

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited with a few other book bloggers to meet the lovely author Jamie McGuire, who had only just flown into the UK the previous evening. Jamie had come to the UK for a book tour for Walking Disaster, the companion novel to her New Adult novel, Beautiful Disaster. Having read and adored both books, I couldn’t wait to meet Jamie in order to get them signed.
And what a place to have them signed in! We all went for champagne tea in the Ritz!!! This is one of those once in a life time experiences and I was thrilled to attend. Tea at the Ritz involved finger sandwiches and lots and lots of cake! I kid you not! I’ve never been offered so many different types of cake before.
We were all dressed up as there is a smart dress policy at the Ritz, so no jeans were allowed. When Jamie arrived, we were already there and she breezed in to join us.
Jamie was lovely! She was so funny and interesting to talk to. She talked about her good friends Abbi Glines and E.L. James. She also talked about the film rights being bought for Beautiful Disaster, which was really exciting news. Jamie gave me one of the best compliments I’ve ever had. She wondered if anyone had ever told me I  looked like a certain movie actress – Naomi Watts! I couldn’t stop laughing as normally people tell me I look like the woman from the sitcom Outnumbered, but never a movie star! Jamie gave me my first high five in years and we discussed how hard teenage daughters could be.
It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet Jamie McGuire and to spend it in such beautiful surroundings. Thank you Ally from Simon and Schuster for such an amazing blogger event. Thank you Jamie for taking time in your busy schedule to see us.
Below are some of the photos of the event. Jamie is dressed in white and black. Other bloggers in attendance:
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