Friday 27 September 2013

Weirdos vs Quimboids by Natasha Desborough

‘Felix Winters looks so HOT in a tuxedo,’ I whispered. His bum cheeks are like two orbs of wonder.’Could a boy be any more perfect.?’
Published in September 2013 by Catnip Publishing
Pages – 286
Goodreads Summary
Cursed by the initials BUM, saddled with woolly liberal-minded hippies for parents and an UNDYING love for the Proper Real-Time HOT Felix Winters, BLOSSOM UXLEY-MICHAELS is a seething mass of sexual frustration and political confusion. But when she s invited to work on the school radio, Blossom s convinced her status is about to rocket from Weirdo to Winner . .
What a fabulously entertaining, laugh out loud, snigger behind your fingers book!  Right from the first page, I found myself chortling away and ignoring the strange looks from my family.  The comparisons to Georgia Nicholson, are completely accurate. I’d love to see Blossom and Georgia fight it out in a boxing ring.
Unfortunately for Blossom, she is classed as being a bit weird by the other more popular kids in school. Deep down, as many teenagers are, Blossom wants to be one of the popular kids – unlike others,she is convinced she has a sure fire  route to success and brushes away any bitchiness like bits of unwanted fluff. Through her new position on the school  radio station and her very own pop group, Camel Toe, she is determined to finally become popular.
Blossom is such a strong and well written character, she could almost be real. She ignites the book with her views on life, her quirky and unconventional family and her need to meet Josh Raven, a previous student at her school, who is now one of the hottest properties in the music world. She demonstrates in technicoloured detail, that no teenager is weird, they just have different views, opinions and dress sense from others which makes them unique  and original – not weird.
I loved the extra snippets of information that were provided through the story. The Scale of Shame could be printed and posted to each and every teenager, as I could see them all nodding their heads and relating to every single  point. I thought the End of Week Table of Achievement were a brilliant addition, not to mention the desperate letters to Josh’s management team in an attempt to get him to perform at the school dance.
I want to see more of Blossom in the future – I really hope she isn’t going to be a one hit wonder and explodes back on the scene in future escapades.


  1. I love the title of this book! Sounds really good, thanks for the review!

  2. Oh, this sounds fantastic. I don't tend to come across very much genuinely laugh out loud YA so I'm hoping to snigger my way through this!


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