Wednesday 30 October 2013

Little Witches Bewitched! by Rhiannon Lassiter

The story of the little witches began on the night before Halloween,  before Dulcie and Verity had even met. Although they didn’t know it, they were going to become best friends. But that was just one of the many unexpected things that would happen to them.
66 pages on my pdf review copy
Kindle e-book October 2013
Summary condensed from the Press Release
Little Witches Bewitched! is a junior fiction title containing short stories about modern schoolchildren who acquire magical powers. In the first story, Little Witches and the Trick-or-Treat-Trick, the heroines meet each other for the first time on Halloween. Whilst out trick-or-treating, they accidentally annoy a mysterious old woman who casts a spell on them. Dulcie and Verity gain magic powers for real!
Four more stories tell their exciting further adventures.
Rhiannon Lassiter has produced this set of five stories just in time for Halloween. They are short (between 10 and 15 pages each on a pdf – it will vary by e-reader) and interlinked. You don’t have to read them in order – there is a helpful recap at the start of each one – but they work well in sequence.
They are suitable for confident readers of 8+. Although there is magic (and a ghost in one story) the story-telling tone is light-hearted and unlikely to cause sleepless nights. They would work well read aloud: indeed the first is available as an audio-book on Spoken Ink
Teachers in particular might like the last one set in the 17th century and featuring a certain well-known playwright!
The stories involve distinctive characters including Ivenka the Vogue-reading au-pair and eleven year old Verity who yearns to dress up as an Arabian Prince. I am happy to say the girls featured in the story show self-reliance; and there’s plenty of friendly dialogue to offset any peril, together with appealing seasonal artwork. There are pleasing touches such as the rhyming spells which would be fun to act out, and I am sure young readers will soon create their own adventures for the little witches.
These stories are ideal for children who love dressing up, imagining curious castles and dreaming up magical shops. They will be released on Halloween itself - 31st October 2013 at a special price of £1.53.

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