Sunday 26 January 2014

This Week In Review (1)

I’ve been meaning to write a post like this in ages, especially as I seem to do so much more than read books. So I hope to regularly, (and I say that rather loosely, as I am not the most regular of people when it comes to posting certain styles of posts on the blog) post about all the things I’ve been upto this week. These will relate to reviews and posts that I have posted, as well as how well I am doing with my writing. Not to mention my adventures into the crafting world!
Posts This Week
The blog was a bit all over the place this week, so apologies to my regular readers. I’ve been suffering with rheumatism, which has made long periods of writing on the PC impossible, so the posts have been sporadic.
Where I haven’t been too well, I have had more time to read. I think that has helped me to a certain extent get back into reading.
So this week, I managed to finish reading the following books.
Truth Or Dare by Laura James – Kindle read
Defy The Stars by Sophie McKenzie.
I also read Losing It by Cara Cormack as well as reading the first book for the Young Writers Competition, which I am helping to judge this year.
I started to read A Little Night Magic by Lucy March too.
A completely pants week for writing, which hasn’t been helped by not feeling too good.

Monday – 1118 words written on first draft of New Adult book. I really don’t have far to go with this one now, so I need to give it a good push to reach the end.
Rewritten 2 chapters of my children’s novel. The novel was originally written in third person, but I am rewriting it in first and finding that it works so much better. So far I have had really good responses from my online critique group, so I will keep going.
But that was it for the week! A huge burst of writing energy on Monday, then sidetracked the rest of the week.I bet you are thinking I sat around doing nothing, well you would be wrong. On Tuesday, I cleared out ALL my kitchen cupboards. ALL! And filled seven bin liners full of old crap. You know the type of things, the last dish from a service, a cracked mug with the kid’s handprints on  and some Tupperware lids without any containers. I was ruthless and now my kitchen feels so much bigger and organised.
I have been bitten by the crafting bug lately and I am considering setting up a little business. I have always loved making things and I am finding it quite therapeutic when my writing brain frazzles.
Here are a couple of things I have made recently.
photo 1 (29)photo 2 (30)
This is a shadow box made with oragami dresses. Ideal for a little girl’s room. I am going to make a boy’s version this week, following by a nursery one. The dresses can be made to suit any colour scheme.
photo 3 (22)
I made this for one daughter and upset the other one, as I hadn’t made one for her. So I will be be making another one of these this week. I am really pleased with how well it has turned out. I am also pleased that it appeals to teenage girls!photo 4 (9)
So that is my week rounded up. I did also go to two book events yesterday, but I will give you more details of those during the week. I hope you all had a productive week too.

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  1. OMG you are so talented - I'd buy your stuff. I am so envious as I honestly don't have the patience to craft and they look so beautiful


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