Friday 21 March 2014

Pooch Parlour: V.I.P. (Very Important Pup!) by Katy Cannon

"Lulu, we're here!" Abi bounced on her toes as she looked up at the powder-blue door with the words "Pooch Parlour" curling above it in silver letters. "We're really here!"
At her side, Lulu the bichon frise beat her fluffy white tail excitedly against the pavement.
Published by Stripes in March 2014
Pages – 112
Summary from Stripes 
V.I.P. (Very Important Pup!) is the first book in Pooch Parlour, a glitzy new series for girls who love dogs and adore giving them the luxuries every girl’s best friend deserves, written by Katy Cannon. Pooch Parlour is not just any grooming parlour – it’s doggy heaven! It’s the perfect place for pet pampering and the dedicated team of groomers give each dog the star treatment they deserve.
Abi is over the moon to be spending the summer helping out at Pooch Parlour, especially as she'll be taking Lulu, her fluffy pet Bichon Frisé. She can’t believe her luck when glamorous actress, Daisy Lane, and her adorable Pomeranian Jade appear at the parlour on her first day. Can she impress them with the Pooch Parlour pampering treatments? Daisy and Jade want to sparkle!
Full of adorable animals, celebrity customers and dressing up, the glamorous world of Pooch Parlour is sure to delight young girls who love Rainbow Magic, Secret Kingdom and other sweet and sparkly reads.
This book will be a real hit with dog-loving girls aged between six and eight. If they've got stars in their eyes and a passion for fashion, then even better! 
Abi, the main character, is an ordinary girl with an ordinary girl's hopes and fears and a passion for dogs. Helping out at Pooch Parlour is a dream come true for her, especially when she gets to meet two film stars, one canine and one human, ride in a stretched limo and visit the TV studios. There are a few tense moments, when nervy Jade runs off and causes mayhem during the filming of a game show, but Abi manages to sort everything out in time for the dog star's big moment in front of the cameras. 
There are plenty of black-and-white line drawings throughout the book and the shiny pink cover, showing a cute Pomeranian in a beret, will appeal to young readers. The story is full of dazzling doggy costumes and beauty treatments and there is a lot of emphasis on the relationships between dogs and their owners. An exciting start to what promises to be a popular new series!

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