Wednesday 15 April 2015

The Secret Kitten by Holly Webb

Lucy stood on tiptoe with her elbows balanced on the windowsill, leaning out to look down at the garden. She had never had a room like this before, right up at the very top of the house. She was so high up that the garden looked strange and far below, the trees short and stubby, even though she knew that they were tall. 
Published by Stripes in April 2015
Pages - 128
Illustrated by Sophy Williams
Lucy can’t help but feel lonely when she and her brother move in with their gran, leaving behind their old friends. Lucy wishes she could have a pet, but Gran isn’t keen on animals. A stray kitten catches Lucy’s attention, and she instantly falls in love with it. Where will the kitten go if she can’t find anyone to take her in? 
When I receive a Holly Webb book, I always know that it will be a gorgeous read that I have to devour in one sitting. and I'm beginning to think her animal stories might be my favourite genre of all her books.
Being a cat lover, this book really appealed to me. I adored Catkin  who struggled with shyness and I loved that we caught glimpses of the story from her viewpoint. 
When Holly writes, she cleverly weaves historical and present day facts into her stories, so that children learn something new without realising it. In this book, we learn about the Ancient Egyptian cats as well as the Cat Protection League. 
There is a general theme of loneliness in this book - Lucy is struggling to make new friends in her brand new school and Catkin is abandoned and lost when the rest of the litter are taken away. It is only when they find each other that the loneliness melts away.  
With beautiful illustrations by Sophy Williams,  to accompany this wonderful little tale, this book will soon be a favourite among the younger children. 

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