Monday 26 October 2015

The Scariest Thing To Ever Happen To You - Book Blogger Edition

I didn't want to have this special week on the blog without including some awesome bloggers. So I sent out three questions to anyone who wanted to take part and many kindly wrote back with their answers.

One of the questions I asked was:

What is the scariest thing to ever happen to you?

I thought I needed to take part in this too, so I'll start first.
The scariest thing to ever happen to me actually occurred when I was at university. It was my placement year for my degree and I was a deputy manager in a restaurant called Old Orleans in Cambridge. The restaurant was an old building and it was widely known to have originally been a morgue in its prime. One Sunday evening, another manager, Pete, and I were locking up very late after carrying out a stock take. We always started checking the building, downstairs in the kitchens which we joked about originally being  where they kept the bodies in the morgue. We checked all rooms and turned off the lights as we went, working our way through the upstairs and to the office before stepping outside to lock the doors. I swear I nearly threw up my heart when we looked back at all the windows in the restaurant and saw every light had come back on. I refused to go back in and turn them all off and sent Pete in alone. No one could work out how it had occurred as we were the only two people in the building. From that day on  I never set foot in the building on my own again.
Most people know that I love reading horror and watching horror films (mainly slasher films and not all this gory stuff) so it may come as a surprise that I am scared of Ghost Trains! 
Yes you heard me right! I turn into a pile of mush and point blank refuse to go on any type of ghost train. I blame this on a bad experience when I was very young outside of Blackpool where I was taken into a live action Ghost Train! It scared the life out of me! 
Fast forward to quite a few years later and I attended the annual Scarefest at Alton Towers. Somehow one of my friends convinced me to enter the haunted house along with my brother, sister and my boyfriend at the time. I cannot even begin to wonder how on earth they convinced me to do this! 
Anyway upon entering the “lady of the house” slammed the door behind us and locked us in reeling off the dialogue to scare us to death. We had to line up one after the other with our hand on each others shoulders and walk around this house. I felt sick to my stomach! 
We entered the “Masters Kitchen” and had to stand and listen to how they make the Masters food. It was then I had a feeling that something was standing behind me. I turned to look and this man in a black cloak went BOO! I literally screamed and immediately started crying! I was truly terrified! 
All the way through the maze of body bags I was convinced there were people lurking in them poised to jump out. I kept mumbling whilst crying “there’s someone in there! THERES SOMEONE IN THERE!”. I was in such a state that by the time I got up to the Masters bedroom and the Master was there he pulled me out of the line and terrified me even more! 
I was so relieved when it was over! Although my boyfriend at the time had a huge cut across his neck from where I had gripped his jacket far too tightly in fear and the zip had cut him! Opppsssiiieeesss 
Can you imagine…some where this is probably on CCTV! I must have been the live actors dream come true so they could pick on the terrified person! 
And that is the story of how Chelley goes to mush with Ghost Trains and Haunted Houses! I can honestly say this is the scariest thing that has happened to be at Halloween!
 One Halloween years ago I was watching something spooky on TV with my legs dangling from an armchair and I swear something touched my legs. Nothing to be seen there though. I wonder if this is why I always tend to have my feet up on the sofa?
My scariest experience was seeing my first horror film, The Fog directed by John Carpenter. It frightened the life out of me! Then a couple of years later I went youth hostelling with friends and as we walked home from the pub one cloudy night in the deepest darkest most remote part of the Lake District a thick fog came down. We practically ran up the hill to the youth hostel, holding on to each other and screaming!
So, when I lived in India, every summer we'll go visit my grandparents living in the rural parts. We were a big family, a lot of would descend at the old house and soon it was one large party. As it was a very old ancestral house, the toilets and baths were situated outside the main building.
So this one night, after a particularly rainy day, all the lights were out. Us girl, like all girls usually do, decided to complete out nightly ritual together. Surrounded by old, huge, twisted tamarind trees, the backyard of the house was rumoured to be haunted by ghosts. I'm not sure what will be the western equivalent, but there were female spirits hanging upside down from trees wearing a white sari and long, black, loose hair who were rumoured to lure you away and seduce you until they get a chance to grab you and drink your blood from a rice straw. (yes, that's right a straw. The devil is in the details) 
Anyway, now back to the story, as we all huddled together, waiting our turns, we all saw a flash of white round the corner. A hint of diaphanous streak of pale white which would disappear in a moment's notice in the darkness of the night. Imagine, a group of highly strung girls, standing outside near a copse of trees, late at night. The whole world around us was sleeping and it was not hard to imagine, in the silence, that we were the only humans out. Suddenly you could see your breath in the air and hear sounds which you couldn't before and swear that you felt a strange warmth on your neck. Heat which could only come from a breath.
Before we know it, someone screamed and we all ran inside the house, almost trampling over one another.Catching our breaths and screaming the house down, the way only young girls can. My uncles went to check it out and found nothing. The boys said they had nothing to do with it but I'm sure one of my aunts was looking of some white curtains which had just been laundered the day before. 
 Phil - Probably being in a car crash where my car (a Ford Fiesta) was hit by a Land Rover on an icy road. The car flipped three times and landed on its wheels. I remember hardly anything about the crash
but remember distinctly carefully turning off the ignition of mytotally wrecked car and stepping out of it with just cuts and whiplash

Charlotte - Losing Mummy and Daddy once on holiday (but thankfully
screaming loudly enough that they found me very quickly!)
Nothing creepy actually, just a near miss while driving in France. I took a round about the wrong way round (obviously!) and found myself face to face with a big fat truck.
 When I was young, there use to be a cottage at the end of my road which I believed was haunted, so walking past it was... Moving on, I nearly crashed on a flyover on my driving test as someone drove the wrong way and had to do an emergency stop (on a flyover!) or coming out to my family was scary - my Mum was joining Facebook and it came rushing out. Not sure what's more scary - me coming out or my mother joining Facebook! 
So there you have some scary situations that some of our beloved book bloggers have been in. What about you? What is the scariest thing to happen to you? 

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