Wednesday 17 August 2016

My Funny Family by Chris Higgins

At school we are doing seeds. 
Dontie says he did seeds when he was in Miss Pocock's class and it's boring.
He's wrong.
It's not boring, it's AMAZING. 

Published by Hachette Children's Books in April 2013
Illustrated by Lee Wildish
Pages - 128

Mattie is nine-years-old and she worries about everything. Which isn't surprising, because when you have a family as big and crazy as hers, there's always something to worry about. Will the seeds she's planted in the garden with her brothers and sisters grow into fruit and vegetables like everyone promised? Why does it seem as if Grandma doesn't like them sometimes? And what's wrong with mom? Fortunately, reassurance is always close at hand in this first winning story about the lovable Butterfield clan.
I came across this book by accident. I was scanning the shelves of the library, looking for more chapter books to read and research when this one fell off the shelf. Instantly I was drawn to the cover. Who can resist the gorgeous illustration of Mattie on the front, who even looks like a worrier from the picture? And on the back, the family are brought to life by Chris Higgins descriptions, perfectly matched with Lee Wildish's illustrations.
Mattie is a bit of a worrier and will appeal to many children of her age, who take the worries of the world onto their shoulders, even though the things they worry about may not happen and aren't anything they have control over. Mattie's family deal with her worries perfectly and show great patience and understanding when it all starts to get too much for Mattie.
This book also looks at the life cycle through seeds and growing their own food as events unfold within the family and Mattie's school life. 
I think this is a wonderfully warm and funny book. For such a short book, there is so much crammed into it - you really get the feel of every word counting.  I've fallen in love with this family and I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series.

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