Monday 5 December 2016

#ReviewMonday with @lockwoodwriter : Magpie and The Witch’s Daughter by Jill Atkins

Two books in the Breakouts series published by Ransom 2016

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The Witch's Daughter by Jill Atkins 
Jess is shocked when she sees a picture of the old Town Hall on fire with a burning woman on the roof of the building. Is this a photographic trick, or something more sinister? Jess' investigations lead her deep into the past, back to a dangerous world of witchcraft, persecution and family tragedy.

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Synopsis from Ransom Publishing Catalogue
Magpie by Jill Atkins
Jassy is everything Grace isn’t: blonde, attractive, clever and popular. When things start to go missing at school, Grace narrows it down to three obvious suspects: unpopular Ethan, poor Kyle, and weird Molly. When Grace does discover the thief, she realises that all is not as it seems.

NB Many summaries of Magpie are wrong – on Amazon, for instance, it mentions a yeti! Make sure you get ISBN 978-178591-143-9.
Have you got a student in your family who finds settling down to a long read a bit of a chore? Maybe they like reading – but there’s too much schoolwork. Maybe they have lots of other interests, or find it all a bit daunting. These books from the Ransom Breakouts series might well suit them perfectly.

Perfect for Years 5-7 (in England & Wales), both are crammed with excitement and drama – but at 64 pages each, they’re ideal for a quick read. No chance of getting bored or bogged down.

The Witch’s Daughter is full of supernatural intrigue – just the thing if spooky stories on a winter’s night appeal. Magpie is more of a detective story – set at school, with plenty of twists and turns.

In both tales, there’s a gripping mix of action and dialogue. Nobody sits around contemplating. They may be short, but they certainly aren’t sweet or saccharine. Expect a punchy story told briskly with lots of room for the reader’s own imagination to race through.

Recommended for the time-poor, reluctant or overstretched young reader.

K. M. Lockwood lives by the sea in Sussex - see the pics on Instagram. She fills jars with sea-glass, writes on a very old desk and reads way past her bedtime. Her tiny bed-and-breakfast is stuffed full of books - and even the breakfasts are named after writers. You're always welcome to chat stories with @lockwoodwriter on Twitter.

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