Wednesday 9 October 2019

We Won An Island by Charlotte Lo

I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself lately, but Nosy Crow are publishing some cracking books of late. We Won An Island is as mad cap and eccentric as it sounds. I pulled it out of my TBR pile because the title was too irresistible not to. 
Luna's family are desperate. With Dad no longer working and suffering from severe depression since the death of his mother,  there is little money coming in to the household to pay the bills.  The landlord decides to evict them for not paying the rent. Luna, Margot and Fabian are desperate and enter a competition to win an island. Thanks to some clever knitting and a heartfelt letter, they win! Yes, THEY WIN AN ISLAND!
Now everyone dreams of winning of an island, don't they? I'm not sure this one would be their dream island as it needs a lot of work. The kids come up with a mad cap idea to hold a festival to raise money to improve the island. 
This book is hilarious. I loved the conversations between the three kids and their desperate attempts to hide all their plans from their mother.  I loved that Fabian was the family knitter and Margot was desperate to rebuild a plane - I think this shows how hobbies are most certainly not gender specific and anyone can be anything they want. This book is increasingly side-splitting with each new chapter. 
The plot deals with bereavement, bankruptcy and depression but in a gentle manner, making it easier for kids to understand and hopefully hold faith that miracles do happen. 
I found this book utterly charming and completely uplifting. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. A welcome addition to any primary school library. 

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