Friday 15 November 2013

Exciting Books from Templar Fiction for 2014

Last week I showed you all the books coming from Hot Key Books in 2014, this week it is the turn of Templar Fiction.
I’m going to start with the books in series followed by the standalone books.  So sit tight, and get ready to drool over the fabulous fiction coming our way.
Independent Study – The Testing 2 by Joelle Charbonneau ( January 2014)
This futuristic trilogy started with The Testing, where the Seven Stages War had left the planet a wasteland and few are chosen to help rebuild it. In order to be chosen they must pass The Testing first.  This book continues Cia’s story after she passed The Testing, and although she should have put it to the back of her mind, but as Cia remembers things that happened, Cia realises she must either stay silent or expose The Testing for it really is. Definitely a series for fans of The Hunger Games.
Suzy P. and the Trouble with Three by Karen Saunders (January 2013)
For fans of Cathy Hopkins books, this is definitely a series for you. We follow Suzy P. on more misadventures  as  she sets off camping with her family and best friend Millie. Only they end up stuck in a caravan all week as the weather takes a turn for the worse. It doesn’t help that Isabella, Mum’s best friend’s daughter is staying with them too and seems to be taking Millie away from Suzie. Will their friendship survive when another person is involved.
Arcadia Falls by Kai Meyer ( February 2014)
The shattering conclusion to the trilogy translated from German. Rosa and Alessandro, both the teenage heads of rival Mafia clans and secretly in love with each, no longer want to keep their feeling hidden from the outside world. But when Rosa discovers she is at the centre of a conspiracy, the world of Arcadians won’t be the same again.
New Fiction
Fleeced by Julia Wills (January 2014)
I am really excited by this book. Not only do I love the cover, but I love the whole concept of the book. I love the fact it is all about Aries, the ghost of the ram of the Golden Fleece fame, who remains furious at the loss of his beautiful coat, stolen by Jason and the Argonauts, centuries ago. Described as rip-roaringly funny and high spirited, I can’t wait to read it.
Monkey and Me by David Gilman ( February 2014)
This is one of those heart-warming stories, yet it has a comical caper added in for good measure. Nine year old Beanie is coping with leukaemia, however he isn’t bothered by it. He just wants to be part of his older brother’s gang. To show he can be brave, he stays in a scary, deserted house where he finds a young chimpanzee, who  can do sign language. With elements of Project X, this is definitely a book to look forward to.
Bombmaker  by Claire McFall ( February 2014)
I loved Claire’s debut novel, Ferryman, last year, so I can’t wait to read Claire’s new novel. This is completely different to her first book; described as a topical YA thriller which deals with terrorism, separatism and national identity. Britain is in an economic crisis and has shut down the borders with their Celtic neighbours. Any Celt found in England will be branded with a tattoo and if they return they will be executed. Scottish Lizzie is the property of a psychopathic gang boss and is used as his bombmaker. Can she escape his clutches and still continue to live in England.
Daughters_Cvr (1)
Daughters of Time – edited by Mary Hoffman (March 2014)
If you are familiar with the blog The History Girls then this book will truly inspire you. Written by some of Britain's greatest historical YA writers, the book has been edited by Mary Hoffman, to bring us a fresh look at some of the greatest women in Britain’s history. From Boudica, to the Greenham Common women, their stories are brought to live by authors such as Celia Rees and Katherine Langrish. A fabulous anthology to look forward to.
Stitch-up by Sophie Hamilton (May 2014)
I am intrigued by this book! Dasha Gold’s parents have destined her for a live of privilege, but unfortunately it comes with a price. She must suffer constant image management, including cosmetic surgery to make her the perfect living logo for their company, Gold Rush Image Inc. When the train she is travelling on crashes, Dasha has a means of escape and sets off to hide from her parents. But they have the money to find her. An urban thriller, set in a media controlled world.
So some really exciting books from Templar Fiction for next year. Which books are you looking forward to reading from the ones shown?


  1. Daughters of Time. There are guite a few young historical fiction fans in our teen book group and I know they'll be interested in hearing about this one.

  2. I'm so looking forward to the next Suzy P book - so much fun!


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