Thursday 13 March 2014

A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson

I'm Dan Hope and deep inside my head I keep a list of things I want to come true.
For example, I want my sister, Ninja Grace, to go to university at the North Pole and only come back once a year.
I want to help Sherlock Holmes solve his most daring mystery yet. And if it could be a zombie mystery, all the more exciting.
I want to be the first eleven-year-old to land on the moon.
I want my dog to stop eating the planets and throwing them up on the carpet.
And finally, the biggest dream of all, I want my dad to love me.
Published by Usborne in March 2013
Pages – 282
This is a book about a boy, Dan Hope. A story about his dreams and wishes, his fears and worries, and his search for hope.
I was a  little worried  about reading this book as I know Lara quite well. Though why I should have worried, I don’t know. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Lara was really an eleven year old boy, because she captured his voice so well.
I didn’t realise what a sense of humour Lara had. As the  witty comments from Dan just rolled out of this book, constantly making me giggle. Not to mention the flow of sarcasm from his sister, Ninja Grace. This is one of those books that has you alternating between laughing and crying as you go through a rollercoaster of emotions with Dan as he does everything he can to make his Dad notice him.  The need for his father, really pulls at your heart strings.
The characters are flamboyant and quirky at the same time. Who would not fall in love with Jo, Dan’s best friend, who has an unusual obsession with the Saints? Pure genius! Not to mention,huggy bear, Big Dave.
I adored this book from beginning to end and found myself completely wrapped up in Dan’s life. It was like watching a children’s version of Stella – as you quickly fall in love with this unusual yet normal family and laugh and cry alongside them as events unfold.
The book sucks you into the story with such ease, that before you know you have read half the book.  A funny, heart-warming yet poignant tale of always believing and never giving up hope. It would definitely appeal to fans of Wonder By RJ Palacio. If anything, this tale shows that sometimes, the things you go in search of, are right beside you all along.
A breath taking new voice for the Middle Grade contemporary market!

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