Monday 8 June 2015

Mermaid Mania Week Is Here!!!

Morning landlubbers, 

How are you all this morning? Are you ready to find your sea legs? I sure hope so, because Serendipity Reviews will be found completely immersed in water this week as we explore all things mermaid! 

I have a host of exciting posts for you this week from some of our finest authors who love mermaids just as much as I do. There are posts from Laura Dockrill, Liz Kessler, Cerrie Burnell as well as Kathryn Roberts. I also have some amazing illustrators on the blog,Laura Ellen Anderson and Thea Baker, sharing  some fantastic drawings. Not to mention, one of my fantastic team members, KM Lockwood, imparting her knowledge about mermaids. These posts will be interspersed with reviews and mermaid trivia and a rather lovely competition. As I have so much stuff to share with you this week, there will be two posts a day, so that I can fit everything in. 

So grab your swimming costume and your snorkel and flippers and head below the ocean with us to celebrate a marvellous array of mermaids. 

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