Wednesday 23 March 2016

Star Struck by Jenny McLachlan

I draw green daggers stuck deep in each heart and then I cover the poster with glittery blood. Just as I'm adding Romeo (dead) the door to the head teacher's office flies open and Carol sticks her head out.

Published by Bloomsbury Childrens Books in March 2016
Pages - 336
Cover illustration - James Grover
In a huge fantastic final hurrah to our lovable heroines - Bea, Betty, Kat and Pearl - Jenny McLachlan's latest book tells Pearl's story. Pearl is the 'bad girl' of the group - she drinks, she smokes, she swears - and she's mean to Bea and Betty. But she did fly halfway round the world to rescue Kat in Sunkissed. If there's one thing Pearl knows deep down, it is how to be a friend. And now, more than ever, she could really use a friend.
This is the last book in Jenny McLachlan's series and we finally get to change our opinion of Pearl. Let's be honest, she hasn't always been the nicest of girls. If you look back at Flirty Dancing, she was pretty horrible to Bea. However as the series has progressed, I've seen Pearl from a different vantage point. When someone is horrible, there is usually a reason for it -no one is born nasty. By being able to see into Pearl's home life, you begin to understand why she has acted the way she has. I wanted to give her a huge motherly hug from the first page of this book.
I love what happens to Pearl in this book. Well not all of it, because there are some rather grim times, but finally Pearl finds genuine happiness in her life. I don't want to give anything away because it truly is a beautiful part of the story and extremely well written by the author.
I loved Hoshi - she was a welcome addition to the gang, who fitted in perfectly. I loved reading about the Japanese girl groups and the way they dressed in public.
I can't believe this series has finished. I am really going to miss the Ladybird gang. I've loved getting to know each girl.
This series shows how important real friendships can be. You will know when you have one, because it will be easy. There will be no constant arguing and bitching, because real friends don't do that. Real friends walk by your side and lift you up high when you are falling. Real friends allow you to be the individual you are supposed to be and not a mirror image of them.
If you know any young girl who is finding friendships difficult, introduce her to the Ladybird gang, then maybe she find herself a friend like one of them.

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