Friday 13 May 2016

Writing Words - What Happened When I Let The Miracle Morning Into My Life!

So before I started this rediscovered quest for publication, I was the Queen of Procrastination. I knew it  was a bad habit I needed to overcome.  I needed a magic wand. Well a magic wand, came flying through the internet, accompanied by my very own Fairy Godmother, in the shape of Keris Stainton. She came along waving this magical book, called The Miracle Morning.
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, is hailed by everyone who has read it as a LIFE CHANGER. I kid you not. It states that it will teach you six habits that will transform your life...before 8am! I'm still not kidding! 
I wasn't skeptical, because to be honest, I had found other inspirational life guide books helpful. However, I was rather concerned about the idea of getting up earlier. I love my bed; sleeping is the next best thing to food. On normal school days, I'm up before six anyway, so the thought of getting up even earlier, did not fill me with excitement. But I could see how well Keris was benefiting from it, so I thought I would give it a go. I set my clock to 5am. In the book, Hal says to tell yourself that you will wake up refreshed and energised, so that was all I had to get me up so early in the morning.
I have now been doing this practice for over 2 weeks and I want to share with you what I've noticed from using this book.

1) I am definitely getting more things done. Especially writing. By the time I actually get up, I've usually written up to a 1000 words and done some editing on my chapter book.
2) I am more focused on my journey. The affirmations and visualisation are really hoping me to see where I want to go and what I want to change. This focus stays with me all day and is making things happen. 
3) I'm calmer in myself. I don't  feel like I'm fretting any more about things not being done, because I know by using this it will eventually get done.
4) I actually wake up energised and raring to go, which is something that has never happened. I was well known for not being a morning person. 
5) My life is changing around me. Things are happening that are really good and very promising for my future without me doing anything to influence them apart from Miracle Morning. 
6) I'm not as hungry as I used to be and I am willingly exercising. To me, this is some kind of witchcraft at play, because I am not focusing on these areas. They are just magically transforming. 
1) When I don't tell myself the night before I am going to wake up energise and refreshed and get on with my day, I wake up like I've missed all the sleeps ever in my life.  I seem to have one day a week, where it would take the apocalypse to actually stir me from sleep. 
2) When I don't do this process for a morning, all old habits slam back into my body like a tornado. 
3) I've not stopped talking about this book, so now everybody doing it, which means I will still be behind everyone else because they were all pretty focused beforehand.

So would I advise you to read this book?
Most definitely!
Will I regret telling you to read this book?
Without a doubt.
Will I continue with my Miracle Mornings?
Nothing's going to stop me now. 
Do you need any more convincing that this book might be for you?
Only if you have a short term memory problem!

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