Monday 3 October 2016

#ReviewMonday with @Lockwoodwriter: Imelda and the Goblin King written and illustrated by Briony May Smith

Published by Flying Eye Books 2015

24 pages of story and full colour illustrations, plus endpapers
Summary from Publisher’s website – with spoiler removed!
Far away behind the hills a girl called Imelda lives beside a fairy forest. Every day she ventures into the forest to play with her fairy friends. But within the deepest, darkest depths of the trees lives the worst creature of all – the goblin king! When he kidnaps the Fairy Queen, the fairies call upon Imelda to help. Soon she has a cunning plan to rid the forest of him for good.
I wish you could see how utterly beautiful this hardback is – the lettering glimmers with gold and the whole book feels rich and warm and inviting – with just a touch of darkness and mystery.
Once I used to be a primary school teacher. My favourite part of the day was reading aloud to the children – and this would make a cracker (ideally as a Big Book – how about it Flying Eye?). It has oodles to spot visually, a rich mix of speech and text, and an ideal theme for children to discuss. Dealing with a huge greedy bully when you’re small fits perfectly. Parents, grandparents and anyone else reading this to children will enjoy pointing out and sharing all the detail of the natural world the talented Briony May Smith has put in, too.
There’s an appealing diversity of characters, and Imelda is intelligent, resourceful and brave. Just the qualities you’d want a young reader or listener to admire. Flying Eye have established themselves as a leading publisher of books that not only look good but bring joy and hope and pleasure to children. Their books are not cheap – they are too beautifully produced for that - but worth every penny as ‘keepers’. Imelda and the Goblin King would make a lovely present for a child with a birthday in autumn (just look at these colours!) – or for anyone with a soft spot for goblins and fairies (like me)
NOTE – do have a good look at the inside back cover for a final smile.
Rich, warm and inviting – perfect for Autumn

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