Tuesday 4 October 2016

Through The Mirror Door by Sarah Baker

"That was your last chance." 
I stared at the worn carpet till my eyes blurred.
"You brought this all on yourself, you know." 
I looked up. "So?" I mumbled. 

Published by Catnip Publishing in July 2016
Pages - 297

Since the accident, Angela has been alone. When she is invited on holiday with her cousins, it is her chance to be part of a family again if she promises to behave herself. But secrets lie in the walls of the crumbling French holiday home and the forbidden rooms draw Angela in. Soon night-time footsteps, flickering candlelight and shadows in windows lead her to a boy who needs her help. To save him Angela must discover the truth about what happened in the house all those years ago . . . and face the terrible secret of her own past.
I've been really excited about this book since I first heard about it. Not only is the story intriguing, but it is also written by one of my lovely Book Bounder friends, Sarah Baker. I am so pleased to see another one of my friends published and well deserved too. I always worry about reviewing books by people I know, but I really shouldn't have worried. 
The story is set in France in an old, enchanting house. Angela has been whipped out of the children's home, where she has lived since her parent's passed away, by her Aunt Cece, who claims to want to give her a fresh start. 
Aunt Cece is far from nice to Angela and you can't help but wonder what her real motive is.  The rest of the family treat Angela rather cruelly too and Angela seeks solace in the forbidden part of the house, where she finds Julien, a kindred spirit. 
The friendship between Julien and Angela is beautiful.They quickly learn to trust each other and both grow in strength from their bond. 
The book is magical right from the start. Bringing back to life a classical style similar to Tom's Midnight Garden, you lose yourself in the detailed descriptions that beautifully enhance the reading experience. Yes, it is a ghost story, but it warms your heart rather than scares you witless. It makes you want to read all the classical tales from your childhood again. 
If you're a fan of Emma Carroll, then you really will enjoy this book too. Sarah is definitely a debut to keep watching out for. I can't wait for more adventures with Angela soon. 

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  1. Sounds wonderful! A definite for Halloween & cocoa by the fire.


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