Sunday 10 February 2019

Why I'm Returning to Book Blogging!


Long time no see!

Did you miss me?

Oh it feels GOOOOOOOD to be back in the book blogging chair. The Serendipity HQ sign has been dusted down, the shelves are stocked and blog tours and posts are already coming in.

So I bet you are wondering why the hell I've come back. Firstly, lets look at why I left in the first place.

To be honest, I hit a wall, a giant book shaped wall, built of individual titles. I felt I couldn't read anymore. I would pick a book up, start it, but give up after a few chapters. I'd totally lost my reading mojo. And it didn't seem fair to keep getting review books when I knew I wasn't going to be able to read them. This reading drought went on for a long time. A good two years in fact. I pulled myself completely away from the reading community as well as the writing community. I basically shut up shop! Life was difficult and challenging and I didn't even know if I wanted to write ever again, let alone read another book.
But as with every life cycle, things change. And for me, these changes serendipitously fell into place.
So in order to make this less boring and much more of a quick read, here are the reasons why I'm whipping my book blogging cape out and jumping back in my chair.

  • I started a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. Last September, I enrolled at Chichester University and finally started my Masters, something I have dreamed of doing for years. It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. My writing has improved and I can actually see a writing future. OK, I might never get an agent or sell a book, but I'm back to writing creatively and loving it. I'm looking at so many different ways to find ideas, as well as other creative avenues for my work. 

  • I got a job as a part time assistant librarian in a secondary school. Now this has definitely been a serendipitous opportunity. This job literally came from nowhere. I was on my second honeymoon in Mexico, after experiencing a Temazcal,  (BTW, you all should try one of these) and I got a text from an old work colleague telling me that a  librarian position had come up in her school, would I be interested? At the time, I had a lovely job in Arundel Castle, but the thought of working with kids and books together bowled me over. I applied and after an intensive round of interviews I got the job. I'm now working with an amazing head librarian and loving every minute of it. I'm more passionate about books than I have ever been. 
  • Teenagers LOVE BOOKS! I'm serious. If you've never experienced a school library that is well run, you are missing out. Our library is busy, thanks to the hard work and foresight of our head librarian.  Practically every lesson has one or two classes coming in to change their books. And the library is heaving during break time and lunch time. Many of the kids have reading stacks! There are so many reservations for popular books. It's exciting. These kids made me love reading again. I've loved nothing more than going in and choosing which book to read next, letting them pick for me and then discussing how fabulous the book is after. My book pushing skills are back in action! (Don't even ask how long my own reservation list is!)
  • I want to be able to give back. I want to build a strong relationship between the library and the publishers, because these are the kids that are reading and buying your books. We are great at getting those kids excited about new books coming out. We can introduce them to debut authors. So tell the school libraries what's new on the market. Send the librarians some proofs to read. They will read them and purchase the books if they think the kids will read them. 
So that's it. I'm back for the foreseeable future. The blog is still a work in progress, as I thought it was time to update the old layout.  I hope there is room for me, as the book blogging community has changed dramatically. However, I'm doing this for a good cause, so stick with me and hopefully we discover some exciting new debuts and hidden book gems. 

I won't be publishing every day like I used to, as that didn't help my decision to leave. So please don't expect more than one or two blog posts a week. I won't be reviewing everything I read. I will also be including some personal writing posts, as my Master Degree is really make me think about and dissect my writing process. 

I am available for blog tours and I would love to resurrect some of my successful features. I also have a few new ones planned. So any authors interested in featuring on the blog, please contact me. 

So raise a glass with me, to a newly vitalised blogging future and a renewed passion for reading. 


  1. Welcome back and cpngrats on starting a masters! And I love your description of your heaving library of readers ... may the best stories find you!

  2. Welcome back Viv. I have started blogging again with encouragement from my head of year at uni. I'm looking at doing a Masters after this BA and he would be my tutor. I have missed the blogging community. I love Instagram but it's not the same. Congratulations on the job. I think sometimes we burn out with the things we love. But the break does us good. I'm bookmarking your page :D


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